Testimonials from Clients for Commissioned People Portraits and Landscapes

For portrait of little girl
Howard, I failed to thank you again for the remarkable painting of my daughter for my wife. The truth is, I can’t thank you enough. She loved it and cried the very moment she saw it. It was the perfect gift on a perfect night. I wish you well and will continue to stay in touch. Feel free to email me any time. Thanks again. Joe W.


For portrait of senior couple
Dear Howard, Please excuse the delay in this letter. Time has been passing so quickly, but I wanted to sit down to write to tell you how very pleased I am with the beautiful portrait you made of my parents. Not only was it a lovely rendering, but you seemed to have captured the essence of each of them. When my mother unwrapped the picture at her 90th birthday party, there was a hush in the room. She was overwhelmed and then enthralled at what she saw. The happy looks my parents wore while watching the antics of their grandchildren were so reflective of their true natures. All the family present at the party were equally captivated by the painting. The portrait now hangs in a prominent place in my mother’s living room. She claims that it is a source of true comfort at times when she is particularly missing Dad. Mom joins me in thanking you for giving her such a meaningful gift. I have admired your work for some time, and now am thrilled to have such a beautiful keepsake in our family. Your exceptional artistry has given us great happiness. Thank you. Fondly, Toby F.


For portrait of middle-aged couple
Dear Howard, The portrait of Mark and me that you created is absolutely marvelous. You captured our expressions so perfectly that everyone we have showed this work to is in awe of your talent. Boy are you good! Barbara G.


For portrait of engaged couple
Dear Howard and Diane, Thanks you for the gorgeous painting! It came as a total surprise. We had completely forgotten that we gave Wendy and Jeff those photographs (the one that you chose happens to be a particular favorite of both of ours). We were overjoyed to unwrap your gift and discover that it was a portrait of the two of us. We can’t imagine the countless hours that it took to create; however, we promise we’ll treasure it for even more. Thanks you again for one of the most unique and personalized gifts that we have received. Best, Kate and Jon B


For portrait of a bride and groom
  I have known Howard as a neighbor, friend and artist for almost 2 years. I have had the wonderful experience of viewing his work on many occasions and each time I look at his work it blows me away. He is a true artist. I had the pleasure of having Howard paint me and my husband in a portrait as we were on our wedding day. The painting is absolutely beautiful and it is the prize piece in our living room. Howard not only captured out personalities in the panting, but his technique and use of color just brought the piece to life!  M.H  MD.


For portrait of an artist at 94
The Kudos keep rolling in for your portrait of me!! Friends, relatives, visiting nurses, TV repairmen etc.etc.!—and certainly me! You are forever enshrined on 5 Rockyfield—the second Howard to be so knighted! HM


For Evening Stroll at the Navy Pier
WOW!!! IT IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, HOWARD! You captured the beauty of the water, the sky, the Promenade, and the fantastic Chicago skyline from Navy Pier. There’s a bustle as well as a calm and serene beauty in the movement, the colors, shading, and expanse of the painting. (First, I thought it had to be a photograph, but it’s got your emotions in it, so it’s clearly your inimitable art.) You’ve done Chicago and your talent very proud!!!
Diane & Irv

For 5-head family
portrait (One a memorial)
You best captured my sister who passed away so it is treasured by my mother. It evoked many tears from my mother so my wife and I at first thought it was too soon to give such a personal present, but my mother eventually collected herself and said how she was overwhelmed but loved it — she even wanted a photo of herself with it.
Be well, Ken


For commissioned portrait of a scene
Dear Howard,
Your work is wonderful, and yes the painting of our Honor Guard has been very well received and continues to “grow on us”. This last year has been a very busy one personally and professionally, but you have restimulated my interest in commissioning you for other paintings. Will be in touch, and please stay in touch!
Sincerely, Charlee

Testimonials from Clients for Commissioned Pet Portraits

    Dear Howard, I get mixed feelings from the portrait of Oka that I commissioned shortly after her death. And that is because it’s such an incredible likeness of her. The portrait is in my family room and I see it every day. Every time I pass by it I am drawn to uncanny way you were able to capture Oka’s essence from a mere photograph. It is really Oka! And when I pass by it sometimes it makes me cry, sometimes it makes me feel that she is with me again, but it is the closest thing I have to her memory and I really do appreciate it. When I first received it I was overwhelmed because it looked so much like her; but it is more than just a facsimile of her, it really is her, particularly when I look into her eyes. She looks back at me and I feel she is with me again. It makes me want to pet her and hug her, but unfortunately, that is hard to do with a portrait. So, sometimes it makes me feel very nostalgic and a tear comes to my eyes, but most of the time it makes me smile, because I loved her so very much.I am so glad I have it. Thank you for preserving her for me. Joanne K

  Hey Howard, Sorry it has taken me so long to write this, but I have moved again, to queens this time, and have been really busy. Never got a chance to tell you how much we are enjoying Henry’s portrait. My sister, whom the painting was for, has just found out she will be having a baby in December. So, Henry’s portrait has found a new home in the nursery. Thanks for all your hard work. It looks great! Thanks again, Carrie O