How to Commission a Watercolor Portrait

See Pricing for Watercolor Portraits

Procedure to Commission a Watercolor Portrait

  1. Review Pricing for Watercolor Portraits, above, and complete the form to commission a watercolor portrait. You will receive an email acknowledgement and a request for your reply with reference photos attached. If you wish, you can mail photos to the address in the email. They will be returned with the finished portrait.Even if the photo was taken years back, if is workable, it can be drawn or painted. I have done portraits from old beat up partially faded daguerreotype photos and portraits of a single person taken from a group photo. I’ve done portraits of two people from separate photos, and a portrait of a group of four people from elements of more than 10 photos.
  2. Please attach sharp, clear photo(s) in jpeg format (300 ppi) to your reply and send. The more the better If you wish the portrait to be based on a group photo, please specify which person should be the subject of the portrait. If it’s to be a multiple person portrait based on separate photos containing more than one person in each, please specify which person(s) or pet is/are the subject(s).In combining more than one subject from separate photos, the key element is that the light source of all photos come from the same direction. It doesn’t have to be, but it goes a long way to making it easier to give you my best work. I aim for your 100% satisfaction. You have approval before you pay anything, final approval before you pay the balance, and a money back guarantee. All photos you send snail mail will be returned with the portrait
  3. Shortly thereafter, you will get an email containing an attachment showing the portrait’s layout and an invoice. Reply with your choice, click the PayPal button, and pay the invoiced amount (one third of the total invoice.) You don’t need a PayPal account to use it. If you wish to be invoiced at a different email address please let me know at this time.
  4. When the portrait is complete, you will receive an email with your final portrait attached and an invoice for the balance. If all is satisfactory, click on the PayPal button. Should you have any objections or revision suggestions, let me know immediately. Once revisions are completed, you will receive similar email and if all is satisfactory, click the payment button. Your portrait and certificate of authenticity will be shipped on receipt of payment. (Connecticut residents will be charged a 6.35% sales tax.)

By sending the photos, you are confirming that you either own the copyright to them or have gained permission or license from the copyright owner to grant me permission to use the image of your portrait in my advertising material for an indefinite period of time. You also indemnify me against any claims made by persons claiming to own the copyright.

All paints used are the most light-fast watercolors available from the most trusted makers today. Today’s watercolors are as light-fast as today’s oil paints. If kept under glass and out of direct sunlight, your portrait should retain its integrity equal to any well constructed oil painting done today. Aaron Art watercolor portraits are done on Arches watercolor paper. Both mat, matting materials, and backing are archival.

Procedure for Artist to take photos for Watercolor Portraits Available to Connecticut residents only.

A good portrait not only captures a likeness of a subject, it reveals his/her personality, and tells something about him/her. A portrait is the result of how a person’s character is filtered through the artist’s eye and his/her craftsmanship in drawing or painting the portrait.

  1. Review the above price list above. Complete the  Form to Commission a Portrait.  IMPORTANT, in the form click YES in the field that asks: Do you want me to take reference photos?
  2. You will receive an email from me within 24 hours requesting your phone number and a convenient time for to discuss where the subject(s) are to be photographed (indoor, outdoor), a mutually agreed upon time and place photographs will be taken, along with other pertinent details.
  3. At the agreed upon time and place, details will be reviewed and photos taken of varied poses and lighting. I may make a sketch and take color notes from life. Time permitting; I will review the photos with you and the subject to arrive at a consensus as to the best photo(s) to reveal the subject’s personality. The fee for this is $15/hour plus travel expenses. All effort will be made to keep this cost reasonable. If time does not permit, you will shortly thereafter receive an email with several photos attached for review. Be assured, the process is very collaborative. Choose the preferred photo, and please reply with your choice.
  4. You will receive an email with one or more attachments containing a working sketch of the portrait’s layout. Reply with your choice.
  5. You will receive an email for the fee for the photography session, an estimate of delivery date, and for 1/3 the portrait’s price to be paid through PayPal. Upon receipt of payment, I will complete the portrait.
  6. When the portrait is complete you will receive an email with an attachment for you to view the final portrait  and an invoice for the balance. If all is satisfactory, please click the PayPal button. (Connecticut residents will be charged a 6.35% sales tax.) If you have any objections or revision suggestions, let me know immediately. Once revisions are completed, you will receive a similar email.
  7. The portrait and certificate of authenticity will be shipped upon receipt of payment.