Guarantee & Copyright Explained

Guarantee and Copyright Explained


Whether it’s a family portrait, dog portrait, cat portrait, bridal/wedding portrait, portrait of an honoree, or memorial portrait, be assured that satisfaction for your commissioned portrait is guaranteed.

Please realize that, in the case of a watercolor portrait, true colors are limited by the quality of the photo you send and the amount of written information about the subject sent with the photo.

You have the opportunity to review the final work in an emailed image before you pay any invoiced balance. This gives you the opportunity to request any revisions. If you feel changes have to be made with the portrait, please let me have the opportunity to make the corrections you desire. Email Be specific describing your desires. Call me at 203-374-0705 if it’s easier for you to discuss changes by phone. You then have the opportunity to approve the final work again in a subsequent emailed image before paying any balance.

If you approve the final work, pay the balance. If I can’t satisfy you after the revisions, your deposit will be refunded. However, I will retain the right to use the portrait in any Aaron Art promotional use.

If you have already received the portrait physically, and are not satisfied, notify me, include your reasons for doing so, return the portrait in its original condition within 30 days, and your money will be refunded.


All images on this website are watermarked to maintain internet copyright integrity.